3 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Good Afternoon: I’m trying to find a salon in Eugene that can accommodate three pedicures at one time. We are a group of ladies that celebrate each others bday and one of us can’t make our “girls” weekend celebration, so we’re trying to set up another “girls” day with her. If you can accommodate us, what are the prices for your pedicures?

    • Hi Trudi, thank you for your interest. We are not able to do 3 pedicures at one time. Our manicurist has a small room, and she takes one client at a time. Her pedicures are 55$. We would recommend Gervais Salon, Bello, or Chikara for local multiple pedicures. Thanks! Kim

  2. Thanx for the newsy update. Glad you are keeping busy. I’ve been busy too, mainly growing hair! I’m beginning to look like Chubacca the Wookie on Stars Wars! Not a bad thing, just a new look to be sure. Be good to see you all soon. Stay safe and well.

    Wookie Rick

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