About the Salon

Bel Ami is a by appointment hair and nail salon, located in the heart of Eugene, OR.

The girls of Bel Ami are a varied bunch, Kim coming from Chicago, Nancy from California, and Cindy from Eugene.  We met in the late nineties and became fast friends.  We all love to spend time in our yards, our kitchens, and of course together!  Bel Ami is a warm environment, with great music, good coffee and wine, and much laughter and friendship.

Our shared goal is that our clients can come to our space to share and unwind, and get fabulous service


One thought on “About the Salon

  1. Hurray! I’m so very happy to see that you’ll be back…not that I had any doubts. The 3 of you are AMAZING! Blessings to each of you and your family and friends, whether near or far! Stay safe! Stay healthy! Stay amazing!
    Biggest air hugs,

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