Possible May Opening

Hi from Bel Ami, many of you have texted us to ask what we know about reopening, so here is what we know so far. Governor Brown has included salons in phase 1 of reopening, but Lane County needs to apply and be approved before that can happen. We have received the very strict safety guidelines, and are placing our orders and preparing the salon to be in compliance. Some of the sources for these supplies are backed up, or hard to find, but we are in touch with our suppliers, and have our fingers crossed that our orders come before the reopen date.

We do know that your first few visits to Bel Ami will look very different from before, and we ask for your patience with us as we reschedule our guests. You are all important to us, but we know we won’t be able to fit everyone in as soon as we’d like. Our new regulations take longer to follow, and it means less clients per day.

Regardless, we cannot wait to see everyone again, and will be in touch to rebook soon and fill you in on the final details. Please follow our blog on WordPress by clicking on the bottom right corner and adding your email address. It will allow the latest update to go into your inbox, and will help us keep you all in the loop.

As always, we appreciate you!

Love, Cindy,Kim,and Nancy


One thought on “Possible May Opening

  1. Thanks so much, each of you three, for keeping us up to date! We are so eager to return. I am Soooo needy, yet understand all of the reasons why you are on top of this.

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