Today Governor Brown announced that Lane County is allowed to start phase 1 of reopening, which includes salons. We will be contacting you to reschedule your appointments, in some cases even ones that were already scheduled for the future, as we’ve had to make some changes to our schedules to accommodate the new rules. Please be patient with us as we start this process, we each have over 100 fabulous people who need to be scheduled in, and obviously it will take some time to get it all figured out.

Here are some new rules that we will be following, by OHA regulations. We will need to contact you before your appointment to ask questions about your current health, and who your medical provider is. We will be keeping a log of appointments with date and time, and this information is kept for 60 days. It is for contact tracing, and it is a condition of us being open. We will need you to reschedule if you have any fever, cough, shortness of breath, or have been around anyone with these symptoms. You will need to wait in your car for your appointment time. Please text upon your arrival, and we will text you when we are ready for you to come inside. Everyone must wear a mask during their service. We will eventually have them for purchase, but supply is low, so please bring your own. We will be wearing them as well. We will need you to come to your appointment by yourself, please no visitors or friends along with you. You will come in and use the restroom to wash your hands before our service begins. You are welcome to bring your own beverage in a closed container, we are not allowed to serve any treats or coffee or water. This is a total bummer, especially during Mimosa May! Nevertheless, we will move forward, and trust that we will be able to serve you again as we’d like to. We will not be able to blow dry or style your hair for these first few appointments. This is a big disappointment, but it is necessary both to give us the extra time we need to complete our extensive sanitation measures in between guests, and to allow us to serve more of the guests we’ve missed in the last two months. We know we will not be able to take as many clients as before in one day. We will also ask that our kitchen space be left for the three of us as a guest free zone, so that we can unmask, have some water, or our lunch, and just take a breather. It’s hard working all day in these masks, and we need to have a space that we can safely unmask. We’ve never appreciated our doctor, nurse, and medical folks more, masking up all day takes a toll. It’s worth it though, to see you all again, and keep everyone safe.

Cindy and I will be staggering our start times on our schedules, in an effort to reduce traffic in the salon, and are mindful that some of our guests are particularly sensitive and vulnerable, and would like to have an appointment with as few people around as possible. There are a few times we’ve carved out for that to happen, so please don’t hesitate to ask. We also understand if you are not ready for an appointment yet. No problem, we trust you’ll let us know when you are.

We know that sharing all these rules and regulations sounds so strict, and they aren’t meant to be unwelcoming. We would prefer for things to be comfy and cozy like always, without the need for all of this. But as we’ve all found, we are in this situation, and we do need to follow the regulations that are asked of us, so that we will be in compliance with our state health authorities. You will find that we’ve spruced things up in anticipation of seeing you all again, and we’ll be smiling and welcoming you in like always.

We are calling you and texting we promise!


Cindy and Kim


Possible May Opening

Hi from Bel Ami, many of you have texted us to ask what we know about reopening, so here is what we know so far. Governor Brown has included salons in phase 1 of reopening, but Lane County needs to apply and be approved before that can happen. We have received the very strict safety guidelines, and are placing our orders and preparing the salon to be in compliance. Some of the sources for these supplies are backed up, or hard to find, but we are in touch with our suppliers, and have our fingers crossed that our orders come before the reopen date.

We do know that your first few visits to Bel Ami will look very different from before, and we ask for your patience with us as we reschedule our guests. You are all important to us, but we know we won’t be able to fit everyone in as soon as we’d like. Our new regulations take longer to follow, and it means less clients per day.

Regardless, we cannot wait to see everyone again, and will be in touch to rebook soon and fill you in on the final details. Please follow our blog on WordPress by clicking on the bottom right corner and adding your email address. It will allow the latest update to go into your inbox, and will help us keep you all in the loop.

As always, we appreciate you!

Love, Cindy,Kim,and Nancy