April 2020

Bel Ami has been busy during this quarantine, and we are excited to share what we’ve been up to, as well as what we potentially see happening when we are allowed to return to work.

First off, we hope you are all healthy, and have found good ways to entertain yourselves and your families during this time. Cindy and I have been taking some classes, as our industry has opened up education portals and has really come together to support stylists who are off of work right now. We are taking color, cutting, and product knowledge classes offered through Zoom, and it has been so inspiring to learn from true artists, and file it away for when we see you all again! Most importantly, we will be taking a Covid safety course specifically for salons and stylists, so that we can keep ourselves and our guests safe when we are able to return.

As far as appointments in the future go, we will be contacting everyone to either reschedule, or adjust the time of the appointment you may have scheduled. This will allow Cindy and I to stagger our start times, so you can have time to enter and wash your hands, so the shampoo bowl can be properly cleaned after each guest, and to allow 15 minutes after your appointment so we can follow sanitation guidelines for our chairs, iPads, doorknobs,etc, and to also keep cross traffic at a minimum in our waiting area. We will ask that if you are early for your appointment that you wait in your car.

If you have an appointment with Nancy Brown, she will contact you to check on your time and comfort level.

We are available 1 day a week to deliver Redken products if you’ve run out and find yourself in need. Cindy and I can curbside deliver to your home. You can prepay by PayPal or Venmo, so we can safely drop and go. Just text us what you’d like.

Of course we are all just guessing at this point on how things might go, but we are doing well, and are hopeful and looking forward to seeing you all again. Our very best to you! Love, Kim and Cindy


9 thoughts on “April 2020

  1. Thanks for the update. I hope you’re both well Along with your families. I look forward to making an appointment and seeing you. Thanks again

  2. BRAVO for your proactive approach during this down time by taking classes and preparing for a “new normal” in the coming months! I am duly impressed. Thankfully all is well for me and I’m happy to hear it is for you as well. Looking forward to the new schedule and seeing you again. Until then, all the best,

  3. It’s so lovely to hear from you both! We are all well here—Mom and Moke are on day 40, or so, of shelter in place and I go only to work and Market of Choice. OK, and the liquor store! I so appreciate the plans you’re making for the future and look forward to being back in your chair.

  4. It was great to hear from you both! As usual, you are rays of sunshine and positive thoughts. I miss Nancy, the two of you, and, of course, Sadie. I’ll be excited for that first appointment—–mostly just to be back at Bel Ami, with dear friends. Be well!

  5. Can’t wait to see you again. So missed being with you. It’s always such a bright spot in my day. So much to catch up on. How fast can we talk?? 😲. The special steps you are taking to prepare for all our safety is so much appreciated. YOU are amazing and caring friends. 😇

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